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Spotted this on Engadget, which was picking up on an iSuppli analysis of the build cost of the new Google Nexus One smartphone. iSuppli reports a preliminary estimate of $174.15 for the cost of materials needed to build each handset. The research firm also congratulates Google on keeping a bill of materials comparable to most recent smartphones while having "the most advanced features of any smart phone ever dissected by iSuppli's Teardown Analysis Service." Costliest of all things was the 1GHz Snapdragon ($30.50), followed by the AMOLED display ($23.50) and memory ($20.40) from Samsung. The Bluetooth and 802.11n WiFi transceiver cost $8.20, and perhaps the most egregious spend was $12.50 on a 5-megapixel camera that many of us might never use. Like many people in the industry I have been watching the evolution of these phones and thinking they will pretty quickl... (more)

Tiny, Cute, Expensive Paperweight?

I saw the PR come out yesterday about a little Linux-based teeny PC aimed at, among other things, digital signage. It has been a busy coupla days, so I finally just had a look at the thing now. The Linutop 3 looks cute, and at first pass the gadget appears to have a lot of promise. It is small enough to slap on the back of a flat screen. It's a solid state fanless design, so there is little that can crater on the thing. Great. But it's also $500 US, and it will ship from France. It has its own custom Linux OS, so have fun with that unless you have a propeller-head on standby. ... (more)

What Does Adobe's Move on to TVs Mean for Digital Signage?

Adobe is at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Lost Wages this week, and its big announcement was how the company has put the pieces in place to allow it to deliver Flash content and interactivity to residential TV. “Adobe Flash Platform for the Digital Home will dramatically change the way we view content on televisions,” said David Wadhwani, the general manager and VP of the platform business unit at Adobe. “Consumers are looking to access their favorite Flash technology-based videos, applications, services and other rich web content across screens. We are lookin... (more)

Tempest About Teens Using Twitter Stirred by Twits

One of the reasons I decided to strike out on my own and focus on writing for this industry was to perhaps help influence the way companies are presenting themselves to the industry and media and also calm down some of the crazy hype out there. I just, for example, read something about a software company making a "quantum leap" in something or other. Adrian's crew flagged that one. I read press releases all the time that are suspect, and increasingly, in this frenzied effort to feed the 24-hour news beast, stuff that then gets written out of that PR without much thought as to wha... (more)

Quebec DS company continuing to get traction in, of all places, Alberta

  I was born in Alberta and spent my 30s there, so I know the mindset and I continue to be impressed that Groupe Viva, a suburban Montreal DS company that is very clearly Francophone, continues to make headway in the Canadian equivalent of Texas. (Disclosure - old clients, still good friends) The company just announced it is expanding the footprint of screens it manages and produces content for a hockey superstore chain opening up in the  oil-rich and hockey-mad province. Groupe VIVA is announcing it will reinforce its presence in Western Canada as its client, Pro Hockey Life S... (more)